We can share with you images of original 1930s Art Deco Luminaires which we can reproduce.  Some original collectibles in stock as well.  We also have created some unique pieces (our own designs) inspired by the Art Deco period of yester year, and shown at Rooms on View 2007.  You may download the .pdf below that encapsulates all the images on this page.  The luminaires are a combination of reproductions of original 1920-30s designs, and our own.  We invite you to come with your particular designs, inspirations and requirements, and we will craft them at Greencraft.


ROV_2007 AD01 AD02

Rooms on View 2007.


AD01 - A reproducton of the original wall sconces at the Colosseum Theatre in Johannesburg (a landmark buiiding that was demolished).  Unlike the original fitting, this has a dimmable fluorescent.


AD02 - Greencraft's Art Deco rendering of the classical library light (also available in various finishes such as brass and antique brass).  This has a solid chrome shade spun at Greencraft, repleat with deco details.  All our library lights fully articulate.
AD03 AD04 AD05


AD03 - One month before Rooms on View 2007 our MD woke up with a vision of this fitting. Within a week this was rendered / designed, and put into production in our factory. Two were made ready for the trade show.


AD04 - We had a particular challenge at Rooms on View 2007 in placing a table lamp on our table which stood alone, devoid of an electrical point. The solution was this. AD05 - Dimmable Fluorescent, T5. Can be made in various lengths.
AD05_Other_Angle AD06


AD05 - Dimmable Fluorescent, T5. Can be made in various lengths.


AD06 - Picture Light inspired by an original bankers light from the Art Deco period.
Download the full Art Deco Catalogue.