Greencraft Products have been supplying the architectural and design communities with luminaries and decorative pieces since the second half of the 20th century. Managing Director Alexi Bizos (42) and Non-Executive Director Albert Mikosi (51) have recently acquired the company, and promise to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

directorsThe transition from the Spyrakis Family owned business to the new guys on the block is a challenge well understood by Alexi Bizos. Alexi has lived and worked in three continents, and has vast experience in manufacturing, management consulting, and economics research.

Alexi met Albert two years ago while on the Executive of New Africa Investments Limited (NAIL). Apart from his varied responsibilities on the Executive, he spent one day a month in Venda approving disbursements for a R10m corporate responsibility project in the construction of school buildings inspired by former President Nelson Mandela. In this role he met Albert who headed the professional team of architects and engineers. Albert originally comes from Venda, and it was there that the idea of a partnership was instigated.
During the second half of 2002, Alexi and Albert agreed that they should look for a business in the electrical field. Alexi brings his Mechanical Engineering and manufacturing experience, while Albert is a Professional Electrical Engineer who heads a firm of consulting engineers based in Gauteng and Limpopo Province.

The search for a company came to a halt when Greencraft was found. "From my first visit I understood what a wonderful niche Greencraft has in supplying custom made fittings to the architectural and design market, the hospitality industry, shopping centres, churches, synagogues, mosques, state buildings, offices and homes. The range of modern yet traditional designs tickled my creative side and I enjoy the challenge of the interplay between design and manufacturing", says Alexi.

The company enjoys a good stock holding and has an excellent understanding of brassware and glassware. It boasts metal industry processes essential to the manufacture of luminaries including spinning, bending, rolling, and powder coating.

Greencraft has an impressive and interesting set of networks and clients. Alexi and Albert have added to this and bring their cumulative experience in positioning Greencraft for growth in order to satisfy their customers.

The most recent significant work was the fulfillment of an order to the Royal Mirage Resort in Dubai. Other prestigious projects include many of the casinos in the country, major hotel groups, the refurbishment of the Johannesburg City Hall's lights and the refurbishment of President Mbeki's state residence. Currently, Greencraft is in the process of supplying luminaries to the hotel on North Island, Seychelles, and the new Constitutional Court. On the future, Alexi asserts, "watch this space"

Alexi explains that while the essential character of Greencraft will be preserved, for legal and administrative reasons they have registered the company in a new name – Mbone-Fos (Pty) Ltd. Mbone and Fos mean "light" in Venda and Greek respectively. However, having spent time getting to understand the company and working with the Spyrakis' in the transition, Alexi states that the company will definitely carry on trading as "Greencraft".