Greencraft Glassware

Code: GL112
Shape: Fitting - Amber flowers
Dimensions(mm): H:140 D:140 Entry:40 Lip

Code: GL117
Shape: Fitting - Dome, Amber Crystal snow
Dimensions(mm): H:135 D:153 Entry:43 Lip

Code: GL325
Shape: Fitting - Nude with clear pattern
Dimensions(mm): H:165 D:160 Entry:76 Lip

Code: GL184
Shape: Fitting - Opal white, Blue print
Dimensions(mm): H:130 D:130 Entry:40

Code: GL158
Shape: Fitting - Round, Frosted white clear pattern
Dimensions(mm): H:185 D:130 Entry:66

Code: GL089
Shape: Fitting - Round, Opal White
Dimensions(mm): H:125 D:115 Entry:48

Code: GL038
Shape: Fitting - Amber, Ceiling, Berry
Dimensions(mm): H:185 D:115 Entry:37 Lip

Code: GL330
Shape: Fisherman - Clear glass
Dimensions(mm): H:115 D:120 Entry:106

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