Greencraft Glassware

Code: GL056
Shape: Pendant - Crystal Lines/Grooves
Dimensions(mm): H:150 D:145 Entry:42 Lip

Code: GL014
Shape: Pendant - Crystal Plain/Lines
Dimensions(mm): H:155 D:132 Entry:42 Lip

Code: GL125
Shape: Pendant - Crystal tears
Dimensions(mm): H145 D:145 Entry:42 Lip

Code: GL152
Shape: Pendant - Crystal with Pink flower print
Dimensions(mm): H:225 D:180 Entry:45

Code: GL077
Shape: Pendant - Crystal, Dented and Bubbles
Dimensions(mm): H:180 D:276 Entry:101

Code: GL300
Shape: Pendant - Cylinder, Crystal diamond
Dimensions(mm): H:135 D:115 Entry:44

Code: GL163
Shape: Pendant - Cylinder, Crystal, amber and grey
Dimensions(mm): H:122 D:160 Entry:44

Code: GL164
Shape: Pendant - Cylinder, Crystal, amber and grey
Dimensions(mm): H:125 D:137 Entry:42

Code: GL066
Shape: Pendant - Cylindric, /Crystal
Dimensions(mm): H:210 D:250 Entry:97

Code: GL316
Shape: Pendant - Cylindric, Clear crystal with lines
Dimensions(mm): H:163 D:94 Entry:30

Code: GL194
Shape: Pendant - Dome, Light yellow/rust, pink/white
Dimensions(mm): H:300 D:240 Entry:45

Code: L086
Shape: Pendant - Dome, Opal White
Dimensions(mm): H:200 D:290

Code: GL075
Shape: Pendant - Dome, Opal White, Red lines
Dimensions(mm): H:220 D:305 Entry:45

Code: GL155
Shape: Pendant - Dome, Yellow flowers
Dimensions(mm): H:190 D:170 Entry:45

Code: GL185
Shape: Pendant - Dome, Yellow/Orange/White Opal
Dimensions(mm): H:230 D:225 Entry:44

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