Greencraft Glassware

Code: GL310
Shape: Pendant - Beige/Brown patterns
Dimensions(mm): H:220 D:275 Entry:45

Code: GL176
Shape: Pendant - Beige, Nude flowers
Dimensions(mm): H:165 D:170 Entry:48

Code: GL145
Shape: Pendant - Brownish/Yellowish with White Opal top
Dimensions(mm): H:235 D:285 Entry:74

Code: GL115
Shape: Pendant - Crystal Diamond cut
Dimensions(mm): H:140 D:130 Entry:43

Code: GL168
Shape: Pendant - Conical, Opal white, Golden flowers
Dimensions(mm): H:190 D:185 Entry:44

Code: GL029
Shape: Pendant - Crystal lines, Frosted
Dimensions(mm): H:150 D:135 Entry:42 Lip

Code: GL041
Shape: Pendant - Crystal Flower imprint
Dimensions(mm): H:150 D:140 Entry:41 Lip

Code: GL043
Shape: Pendant - Crystal imprints
Dimensions(mm): H:125 D:120 Entry:42

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