In revamping our website this year we decided that we should still keep our old catalogue for the benefit of our customers looking for something from pre-2003. Since then we have created numerous .pdfs which can be downloaded from this page.

Furthermore, the Pendants section of this website shows our spinnings, thus when creating your own metal shade designs these can be used as reference images.

To go to our Old Website Click Here.

To download the .pdfs simply click on the file name.

  1. Greencraft Uses High Tech Design Technology
  2. Greencraft @ RoomsonView 2007
  3. Greencraft Advert Norwood
  4. Greencraft Supplementary Catalogue April 2004
  5. Greencraft Moroccan 2007
  6. Greencraft GameLodge Range
  7. Greencraft Advert Various 2005
  8. Greencraft Mobile Light
  9. Greencraft ROV2008 Bathroom Catalogue
  10. Greencraft Maria Teressa
  11. Greencraft - Silvio Rech Lesley Carstens