Specialist Designer and Manufacturer of Customised Lighting                                                                New: Garden Lights Click Here

Designer and Manufacturer of customised lighting using cutting edge technology, catering to the interior design, architectural and end-user markets ... by design.
Employing state of the art technology and years of experience (established in 1963) we work with architects, interior designers and end users.  In our designing process using 3D Rendering and CAD/CAM technology we take three steps to execution:

  1. Visioning and Consultancy : rendering photographic quality pictures of the design in consultation with our clients
  2. Planning and Execution: using the design agreed to by our clients, and our in-house factory and whatever specialist materials and suppliers, actually manufacturing the items.
  3. Result: taking the guess work out of what you are going to get, we produce what we had envisaged in the first process above.

We advise on the best and latest lamping technology, employing these in your unique designs.  We understand energy efficiency. We assist in your lighting specifications knowing all the does and don’ts around different light sources: incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, diachroic, metal halide, mercury vapour, light emitting diodes (LEDs), fibre optics, etc.  The materials we work in include metal, stainless steel, glass, fibre glass, perspex, resin, polyurethane and wood.